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Do you have time to spot opportunities the life puts in front of you?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I have discovered the benefits of meditation quite unexpectedly, in a plane. I was too stingy to pamper myself with overpriced snacks, so unless I found a neighbour willing to talk, I had lots of time I had to spend offline thinking.

I never understood what benefits could meditation bring, and the idea of silencing all the thoughts seemed to be a good fit for the Karate Kid movies, but not for my life. However, being locked up in a plane for extended periods allowed me to deal with important matters of my life that would not have received proper attention otherwise.

Facing your own thoughts is not easy.

Was that meditation? I do not know. But it was the time when there were no distractions I wanted to entertain. It was just me, my problems and the most fundamental question of what do I want.

The challenge we are all facing is that there are so many things to do that we no longer have time to think about which of them are important. We mix critical projects with time fillers. We ignore opportunities. We engage in petty wars with our coworkers. Well, actually, I am not sure about you, but I did those things.

The quiet, distraction-free time allowed me to sort things out. I managed to decide what do I want, and align my actions with the general direction of my life. Unfortunately, I recognized this process only after travel has been banned.

Today, I am going to fix it. I am allocating an hour per week, just to sit offline without distractions.

Is that meditation? I do not know. But I need it to be able to accurately assess the opportunities and risks my life puts ahead of me. And what about you? What are your thoughts? What about business environment? Is there a corporate equivalent of meditiation?

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