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Mapping Taylor Made Woodcraft - A Case Study

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

After publishing the previous mapping example, I have offered to map another small business. John Vesey challenged me to map one of the following businesses:

I choose Taylor Made Woodcraft. A quick peek at their website reveals that:


  • The person builds beautiful items using wood and resin

  • The person works from their garage

  • The work is artisanal and relatively expensive (small pool table costs GBP 280, an equivalent of $350).

  • They use recycled wood.

  • I am not willing to estimate the financial condition of the company. The person seems to be working a couple of weeks to get one table done, but the work is scattered in time.

Now, the map, which at this point should have no surprises:

Taylor Made Woodcraft - Why are people buying this?

It looks like Taylor Made Woodcraft is a side business that started as a hobby, which explains the artisanal nature of the work.

Their products look beautiful, at least to me, and I am envious of the fun this person is having.

If I was looking to grow the business, I think the most important actions would b all about the marketing:

  • understand why people buy this stuff

  • crafting a message resonating with people

  • understand where are potential customers and how can you reach them

And now a question I have for you:

Assuming that I was responsible for that business, who should I contact to get help with the things listed above?

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