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Something to think about: Integrity

If I could choose only one thing to ponder in October, "Integration" looks worth it.

For some weird reason, we started building suppression systems that enforce desired behaviours while merely touching the internal motivation at best.

We tend to sacrifice integrity for the illusion of peace. We do not say certain words or act in a certain way to avoid trouble. More, we often act in an insincere way, doing what others expect us to do rather than what we want to do, which creates internal inconsistency, discomfort & tension, and it can lead to many mental disorders.

Suppressed emotions tend to backfire when a skilful or gifted person knows how to use them to their advantage. History is full of examples of authoritarian leaders gaining power thanks to the 'angry' part of the population.

I suspect business is not much better. Unresolved conflicts and external compliance can increase employee turnover, limit information flows, creativity or even openly backfire through lawsuit.

This is why I started believing recently that integrity is what we should be searching for. Also, this is why I have just added two new aspirations to my list:

  • I want to work towards the resolution of my internal conflicts consciously

  • I want to find out how the integration of 'undesirable' emotions can help the business

I do not know where this path leads. But this is the path I want to follow.

Comments, thoughts - as always, more than welcome!

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