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Wardley Mapping Spotlight - Holger Gelhausen

Interviewing Holger was real fun. You may remember that some time ago I tried to look at the Mood Hacking from the mapping standpoint, but Holger took personal value analysis to the entirely new level. I believe you could watch the video from 13:25 even if you are an experienced mapper.

As of the value that Wardley Mapping brings, one thing that struck me again is the shortening of time required to understand the situation. A small, 2 hour session can be as productive as ten days of consultant work, and the artifact at the end, the map, gets shared with other people in the organisation, unlike a 50 page slide deck.

Holger mentioned also using Wardley Mapping for doing challenger sales, where you demonstrate your value and the approaches that you are using by shifting customer perspective. (It turns out there is a book "The Challenger Sale", which I have added to my to-read list.).

I wonder, are your experiences similar? Does mapping-based challenger sale work for you?

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