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Wardley Mapping Spotlight - Marcus Guest

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Did you know that there is no 'W' sound in the Russian language, so they cannot pronounce 'Wardley'?

Did you know that there is no Russian word for complexity?

I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Marcus Guest about how he uses Wardley Mapping. Marcus touched so many exciting aspects that I have already watched this interview three times:

  • the hierarchy of thinking and how thinking on an improper level limits what we can see

  • aligning efforts inside an organisation and asynchronously communicating with the team (without having everyone in the room at once).

  • the difference between the East and the West

Enjoy the video!

Edit (2020, Nov 30): It turns out that Marcus is not alone in using Wardley Mapping for communication. See Tristan response below. Have you tried something similar? Tweet @ me, I am very curious to learn more!

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