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Wardley Mapping Spotlight - Steve Purkis

In the interview, Steve shares his approach to implementing #wardleymapping doctrine @ Glasswall.

Doctrine is the set of best practices for any company to use, and it seems to be an excellent way to start your adventure with maps. Just look at the Figure 1 below - chances are you will not disagree with a single principle laid out there, they seem to be obvious yet many organisations do not adopt them to the level they should.

If you would like to help your organisations adapt those best practices - watching the interview seems like a good first step. And if you have any questions - please do let me know. I am very interested in making Doctrine easier to adopt.

Figure 1: The Doctrine

The Interview

Steve's twitter: https://twitter.com/spurkis

Steve's Open Security Summit talk covering the subject of the transformation in greater detail:

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