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Wardley Mapping Spotlight - Sue Borchardt

On Monday, I had the honour to talk to Sue Borchardt. Do not let her twitter bio "mereologist in training" fool you, Sue is a true polymath despite the fact she did not permit herself to use that name.

In the video, Sue covers lots of important aspects of using Wardley Mapping for personal development, such as searching for value, healthy self-promotion and looking for joy in everything you do.

If you watched the video, be sure to visit Sue's Patreon page.

PS: The more interviews I run, the more I am surprised (in a positive sense) by the people I have a privilege to meet. I think I should not call everyone exceptional... but so far, this has been my experience.

PSS: Here is the twitter link of the person that creates safe mapping spaces referred in the interview: Ben Mosior.

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