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Would you like to finish your next project on time?

Popular budgeting practices do not work.


I have a solution for you.

Meet Wardley Maps!

That's the framework

Make uncertainty work for you, not against you!

Avoid expensive

Change Management

The trap is simple -a vendor has low fees for contracted work and high change management fees.

If you don't handle uncertainty well, you can fall for it... and you will pay avoidable premium.

Explorer captured in net._edited.jpg

Cheat Sheet Helps

Locate Uncertainty

Uncertain project elements look alike.

They are easy to spot, really.

Graphical Representation

Removes Stigma

This is your Project description. Provide a brief summary to help visitors understand the context and background of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.


This is just

The Beginning!

This approach is called Wardley Mapping.

If you run it once, it will help you handle uncertainty.

If you run it twice, you can do cross-project optimalisations.

Turn Ideas into Reality! A motivational
Image by Tim Graf

Awareness Enables


One size does not fit all.


Use Time & Material to handle uncertainty.


Use Fixed Price to cover predictable work.


Your first session is on me. No strings attached.

My name is Chris and I have been mapping since 2015.

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