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Image by Elisa Ventur

Move over Tech Debt!

Can't progress on Tech Debt?

Is it threatening your company or career?

Unfortunately, organisations are set up to encourage Tech Debt creation.


If you want to cope with Tech Debt successfully, you need to change how you think about it.

In my 2-hour, limited, virtual workshop, I will share the results of my 4+ years of adventure with TechDebt.


Fine print

  • This is a knowledge-sharing session. We will use Chatham House Rule to protect the identity and affiliation of participants.

  • The facilitator (me) is associated with DXC Leading Edge.

  • The workshop is free but the number of spots is limited.

Book your place

The workshop will happen virtually, on the 19th of January. Check the exact time in your time zone here.

Can't attend but know people that should?

Share the message with them!

Knowledge & inspiration sources

Wardley Mapping

Simon Wardley's concept of organisational inertia enabled me to increase the level of abstraction and look beyond 'Tech' in 'Tech Debt', because the same pattern applies to every investment - they turn into liabilities.

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